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Reducing mulm.

Jeff Bodin wrote:

>Not to start a long discussion (now I've done it), but....
>I am tearing down my overly gross and neglected 55g plant tank. Does or has 
>anyone used Flourite as a sole substrate? Any idea how much I should use?
>Did the kitty-litter/sand thing last time and although it worked well, 
>trying to get something with a little more "size" than sand to keep the 
>mulm from building on the surface of the substrate up in the next go-around 
>(or do we have any good tips for reducing mulm?).

Try using freshwater clams or MTS they turn the substrate well. I know just
what you mean. I'm into sand myself its greatest for ground covers like
glosso. I recommend small clams for those who don't want to chance dosing
and hate to rip up your substrates to inject clay balls, especially through
a thick glosso mat.

The clams especially like a light clay/Laterite, peat, light vermiculite,
and heavy filter sand mix (they don't seem to dig gravel as well). Its
light enough for them to slice through but heavy enough to keep new plants
in. Best to keep only 10% clay.  You folks in Georgia have some AMAZING
stuff! Your "Georgia Red Dirt" puts Laterite to shame.  I use 10-15% in the
very bottom layer where I place the Osmocote.  My guess is its
micronutrients complement what the 18-6-9 Osmocote lacks. 


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