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Pond in winter/floating plants


I wonder what is the best way to overwinter a small pond. The pond
holds about 170 liters and is about 40 cm (16 inches) deep. There are
several goldfish and a dwarf lilly (Nymphea?) plant in the pond and
several emersed bog plants along the edge. There is a fountain-like
pump in the pond. 

The winters in the Netherlands (where we live) are fairly mild but we
do get periods of sustained freezing temperatures lasting for several
days or weeks. During such periods, the ice on the pond would normally
be several inches thick. 

I suppose I should shut off the pump because it only further reduces
the water temperature. I was thinking about covering a part of the
pond with plastic sheets and/or using a heater. Any other suggestions?

What is the best way to overwinter floating plants such as water
hyacinth, water lettuce (Pistia) and Salvinia? Will they survive if
placed in a open-top tank next to a window? 

Thanks in advance?