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Re: Air at night

on 01:48 AM 10/23/99 , Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

 >From: lksholy at webtv_net (Linda- K)
 >Rather than adding an air pump and diffusor, wouldn't looking at the
 >flow rate of your filters go more to finding the cause instead of
 >treating the symptom?  Is it possible that the gph turnover rate is too
 >low?    just a thought.

I could get LOTS of oxygen in my water if I moved my Fluval spray bar above 
the waterline. I use a 303 on a 30 gallon tank, which is far more than most 
planted tank people use. The point is, though, that an airstone can be put 
on a timer to operate at night only. During the day the surface agitation 
is kept to a minimum to prevent CO2 loss.

Filters don't add oxygen to the water unless they agitate the surface. 
(wet/dry filters and biowheels being the exception.)

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