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I have been using a "PMDD look alike" with good success.  I used
Fertilome "Liquid Iron" which is the closest to Plantex as I could find.
It is roughly half the dose of the CSM listed in The Krib.  Thus. I
doubled the dose of Fertilome and left the rest of the recipe the same.
The exception being there is no KSO4 that I can find Around here.  The
pharmicist said that he could order it with a background check through
the police as he thinks it could be used in the makings of a bomb.  "Not
likely" I told him, but he was more stubborn than I and fianally won.
So my question is:  What are some "common uses" for Potassium Sulfate?
eg.  KNO3 is tree stump remover.  Maybe I can get the stuff easier under
a different name.  Maybe I can make a bomb from it.........Ha Ha Ha!
Yeah right...