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sprouting Aponogeteons

One of my Apons is sprouting another 'leaf'.  I don't know if it is a
regular leaf or another flower stalk.  I cut the last one off because
when I let it grow out of the tank, it got roasted by the lights.  The
new 'leaf' doesn't have any foliage yet, it's about four inches long and
pointed.  Any ideas?

  My other Apon is finally growing again after a long dormancy.  I had
forgotten all about it until I saw the two inch leaves this morning. 
What would have triggered this new growth?
  I did start dosing with Flourish and F. Iron again, after about a
month without - but that was almost two months ago.  There is another
46W of light, but the tank used to et some indirect sunlight, so there
may actually bee less light.

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB