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Phosphate or nitrate limiting?

After reading about some of the discussions on NO3 or PO4 limitations in the 
tank, I'm wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what is wrong in my 
tanks.  I have a 55G tank which in which I add .25 mls of Fluorish daily and 
1 ml of PMDD without NO3.  I only have about 1.2watt/gallon of light and DIY 
CO2.  I have seem some symptoms of some type of nutrient deprivation in my 
jungle val and Bacopa carolinia.   I have seen patches of brown in middle of 
the leaves and disentigration of the lower leaves of the Bacopa.  What could 
be happening?  Could it be a light issue?  With an Eclipse system, light 
will be a problem until I get a chance to retrofit the lighting system with 
some PC lighting.  I'm fairly new to the planted aspect of this hobby, so 
would appreciate any suggestions.


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