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Subject: Thoughts on Compact Fluorescent Lights


I have swords, anubias & java fern in a 20 gallon long tank, growing under a 
20 w daylight bulb with no CO2. All seem to be doing very well. The tank is 
near a window, but doesn't get direct sun, but for a few isolated spots for a 
few minutes, late in the day. There is also a water sprite in there growing 
like crazy. It depends on whether you have a 38 long or deep tank, though 
I've even seen anubias and java fern in a 20 deep under a regular 20 watt 
cool white. Those plants will do well in low light. An attempt at keeping a 
sword in that deep tank did not work.

In my limited experience, some fish species are not happy in bright light. 
Since I'm going for a balance of fish and plants (not trying to grow a 
jungle) the light I have is a good compromise for fish and plants, and all 
seem happy. 

If you have a long tank, see what happens with your single strip, but get a 
good bulb. The difference in light output between cool light and daylight 
bulb (not a plant bulb) is like night and day. Plant the swords, which 
require more light than the others, directly under the light. If you have a 
deep tank, a double light strip would suffice, I would think. This pertains 
to the plants you mentioned.

Good luck,