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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1340

Mr.Rubin wrote:
>> Two weeks ago I added 8 Jobes sticks (16-2-6).  I didn't realize that was a
>> lot until Tom Barr warned me to be ready to change 50% of my water every
>> day.  So far the only differenc I've noticed in the water column is that the
>> tank doesn't burn nitrate as fast.  I switched to K2SO4 for awhile, but
>> switched back to KNO3 recently.

What I think might have happened here was hitting that magic point when a
tank just starts to takes off. 
*Plant momentum*, if you will, had just started to take off. Before things
weren't growing to well then all of a sudden wham! Growth. 
Perhaps it was due to the sticks? Or was due to a stabilized balanced tank
that had finally got going full speed? 

Plants that are not growing well will use far less N,P,K and other
nutrients. If the algae have the upper hand it makes it even harder for the
plants to fight this uphill battle and acclimate and start good fast growth.
This could be why I can have fast growth rates and high NO3 levels (75ppm)
with no algae or ill effects. I also tend to overdose things and take it out
when I do water changes to prevent build up of toxic levels. I think I'll go
grab some Sticks and try it myself to see. I have a newly set up flourite
tank to try it on.

I think it is interesting that Mr. Rubin's tank was able to absorb so much
nutrient load.
Glad it worked for him too! Perhaps the plants(at least some of them) are
now taking N from the soil as well as from the water column now due to the
slower NO3 usage? Seems reasonable to consider this.
Tom Barr