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Any interest in chillers?

I am looking into building some small thermoelectric chillers.  I only need one myself, but I can build several more economically than I can build just one.  I don't have the design completely worked out yet, but the basic idea would be a small thermostatically controlled flow-through device that you could run a filter return line through. For my own purposes, I need about 20-30W of chilling at a temperature difference of not more than 5 C, so I'm talking about a very small chiller.  I still need to price out several components, but I'm hoping to get the thing assembled for less than $100 or so.

Is anyone out there with a planted tank who would be interested in such a device?  (Perhaps you have a 100 watts of light on your 10 gallon tank and just can't keep it under 90 degrees?)  Please e-mail me privately.

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA