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Re: About CEC ? ? ?

Samm writes:

> I am a bit confused as to what in the substrate can
>  provide CEC (cation exchange capacity)  Is it only
>  "clay-like" matter in the substrate that can do this
>  or can fish poop, mulm (and decomposed organic
>  material in general) also accomplish this--this is
>  what I read on the net.  Is there any truth to this???
>   The article also sited that in nature, some of the
>  CEC comes from decomposed organic material, not just
>  clay since not all aquatic plants grow where there is
>  clay available  Also, please mention any other
>  material in the substrate that can also accomplish this.
Most peats have some CEC.  Porous gravels like pumice are also purported by 
ADA to be good CEC sources.  I am not personally willing to agree with that, 
as I have no references other than a commercial supplier of pumice-based 

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator