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Re: flame-worthy

MB wrote "Okay, I just flamed pets.com. When you click on aquarium 
plants, you get to wait while PLASTIC PLANT PIX load. Anyone care
to join me? I think its false advertising."

Reminds me of the story of the man who walks into the clock repair
shop and asks to have his clock fixed. The man behind the counter says
"I don't repair clocks. I'm a mohel -- I do circumcisions." "So why do
you have all those clocks in the window?" the man asks. The shop 
owner says "What would you like me to put in the window?"

Yes, better would be "Aquarium Plants, Fake", but I don't think
they have Aquarium Plants, Live.

P.S. I fell for the same link there. But since they sent me a $15 
off coupon, who am I to complain?