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RE: dosing phosphate and duckweed

> Subject: Dosing Phosphate
> Roger Miller wrote:  >>> I observed recently that some of my tanks are
> phosphorus limited and that I can dose phosphates to the water column - at
> least on a sporadic basis - without suffering excessive algae growth.
> That
> leads me to look for ways to safely dose phosphate.>>>
	Maybe try some of the "proper pH" that everyone says not to use.
Find one for a pH of 6.5 or 7.0 (whatever is closer to your actual pH).  I
wouldn't doubt that a little pinch would cause much of a pH shift.  Just a
thought, I haven't tried it myself.

> Another possibility is that the Angels are eating it.  They've all but
> trashed my H. polysperma.
	Goldfish love the duckweed, I would give my extra (cups and cups
full) to a friend with a 2" fancy goldfish.  All of the duckweed would be
gone in a few hours.  

	Chris, on a conference call in Atlanta and not really paying