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Re: emersed growth in sword plants

Ivo wrote:
> Is it possible to revert a sword plant growing submersed to its
> emersed state ? We usually do the opposite. If I move a submersed
> plant out of the water its leaves won't support themselves. Is there
> a special technique to deal with this ?
   I attempted various methods to grow aquatic plants emersed but failed
to prevent submerged leaves from wilting.  However, in a recent Tropica
seminar (sponsored by LFS), the idea was to contain the humidity until
the plant has assimilated to emersed environment.
   You can place the submerged-form plant in a pot and enclose it in a
plastic bag, effectively trapping the humidity.  Thereafter, as the
plant assimilate itself, gradually poke breathing holes to reduce
humidity.  Using this technique, chances of transferred plantlets
wilting is very much reduced.
   So far, the following plants did successfully revert to it's emersed
E.ozelot, Bacopa sp. and some Crypt sp.

Alfred Heng wrote:
> Will call you soon about the A. Crispus!
Looked around and found the last crispus but it looked pathetic... it's
yours ;-)

> About a 6x3x3 open top braceless tank...
It's a 5 x 2.5 x 2.5 and possibly with 20mm 'float glass'.

In this future setup, I lean towards PMDD fed sub-substrate PVC manifold
with plain gravel and thus my keen interest in the article mentioned by