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Re: Ronnie's braceless 6x3x3


Will call you soon about the A. Crispus!  About a 6x3x3 open top braceless 
tank, hmmm......!  You will need glass the is at least 20-25mm thick and 
they will need to be braced, not across the tank, but on all sides sort of 
like a frame in the tank.  Saw a setup like that in HK awhile ago.  It was 
a new custom tank and didn't have water in it yet.  Don't know if I want to 
be standing next to it as it is filled!  We seem to be pushing the limit 
when it comes to frame less silicone glued tanks!!  That is alot of light 


At 03:48 PM 10/18/99 -0400, you wrote:
> > It's a what? 200 + gallon tank?
>According to those online calculators, unfurnished tank with water only
>is 233.6 gal or 885 litres.  Would be going for a 'open-top' design but
>I'm very wary of panels bowing out if it's braceless at the top.

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