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Re: reference on root .vs. foliar feeding

Hi Roger,

> The reference on this is:
> Davis, Graham J. and Mark M. Brinson, 1980.  Responses of submersed
> vascular plant communities to environmental change.  FWS/OBS-79/33.
> Office of Biological Services Fish and Wildlife Service US Department of
> Interior. 67 pp.
> The authors were with the Department of Biology at East Carolina
> University, Greenville, NC.

> Being a fairly academic, government (EPA?) sponsored work it didn't get
> widely circulated, and probably won't be readily available in Singapore.

   Thanks for the title of the article but it probably won't see
Singapore daylight.  Could you by any chance, be able to either email or
snail-mail the article.  If permissible (since it's sponsored work) and
agreeable with you, I'd be more than happy to pay for postage.
   While I may not be able to understand it all, I could be refer it to
someone who DOES comprehend and bug the hell out of him ;o)  OTOH, isn't
this hobby fascinating?... there's always some new to learn.

TIA & Regards,