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Rataj/horemanni Aquarium Plants book

Hi Tom,
> Aquarium Plants,their identification, cultivation and ecology by Dr. Karel
> Rataj and Thomas horeman : TFH Neptune City, NJ,1977
Thanks for the info.  Another APD member here, Kwek Leong, in Singapore
has the book and has kindly offered to loan the book.

> It was over 10 years ago so I'm not certain if they still make it etc. I
> have an old brosure that tells about it in more detail.
Do you still have that brochure?  It's just a thought but if you can put
up the info at your site, I'd pop by and download it.  Alternatively, I
can trade plant for a photo-copy of the brochure.

> I know it's not what you want to hear but lose the high fish
> loads... Plant tanks are a challenge enough... don't you think???
Agreed wholeheartedly, but tell that to a fish lover ;o)

> If you are going to do the high fish load thing on the big tank.........do 2
> or 3 separate manifolds with internal pumps or a split system from a return
> and add 5 inches of gravel or more. Plan on big water changes and keep a
> close eye on things. Life now and later will be easier if you lower the fish
> load though.
   Referring to previous diagram, it's a two piece manifold that's
linked at points (A) being fed via Eheim hobby pumps.

> It's a what? 200 + gallon tank?
According to those online calculators, unfurnished tank with water only
is 233.6 gal or 885 litres.  Would be going for a 'open-top' design but
I'm very wary of panels bowing out if it's braceless at the top.

> Sloping the gravel can present problems also due to break through. Flat
> gravel bed or sloped up from the inflow and sloped down away from the
> inflow.
That's what I had in mind.  Thanks again.