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RE: Pouting SAE's

I am having a hair algae problem in my 55 g tank, and unable to find any
SAE's I sweet-talked my wife into lending me one of her 3 SAE's. It has been
in my tank for about a week, and all it does is pout. It hides behind a
rock, rarely swims about the tank, and has yet to eat so much as a mouthful
of algae, as far as I can tell. Whe it does come out it seems perfectly
healthy, and the other fish (cardinal tetras, angels, otos, cories, plecos,
glass carfish, guppies) are all active and healthy.

SAE's are very social fish.  He (or she) is probably uncomfortable alone.
Convince your better half to loan you all three for a couple of weeks.

One other note I've noticed with my SAE's.  The better fed they are with
fish food, the less algae "patrolling" they will do.  Try lightening up your
feeding for a week or so, perhaps skipping a day or two.

Craig David
Long Beach, CA