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Re: CAE's

Hello Bob;

IDMiamiBob at aol_com wrote:

>Chinese algae eaters will only eat algae until they are about 40 mm long.  
>After that they become carniverous and are not beyond chewing the fins off 
>sleeping fish at night.   

Having kept many Chinese algae eaters (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri) for over 15
years I can guarantee you the above is not true. CAE's are not carnivores,
and can't chew off fins of other fish. CAE's are excellent algae eaters their
whole life (and they can get 15+ years old) but they must be kept in the
right conditions. 
They are schooling fish, and are ideally kept in schools of at least 5. 
Because they are territorial amongst their own species the alternative is to
get 1, with 2 the smallest will starve. 
Starved or bored CAE's can suck on the slimecoat of slow moving big fishes
like discus, angels or fancy goldfish. While they do eat algae their entire
life their diet must be supplemented with soaked flake food, live or frozen
tubifex or musquito larvae and they love vegetables like cauliflower and
broccoli. Fast flowing water will keep lonely ones from boredom. 

I know this must come as a shock but in Europe and also SA Asia the CAE 
doesn't have a bad reputation as it has in the US. I know there are more
listmembers who can only say good things about the CAE. I know of someone
who kept a record breaking 17 in his planted angel tank. They are very good 
algae eaters, generally better than the Loricarrids and they don't harm or
eat even the most delicate plants. There also cheap, hardy and always active,
great to watch.