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Re: Compact Flourescents

Andy Moore writes:

<snip>> While I was looking in my local supermarket in the UK, I noticed 
>  small CF`s that are direct replacements for normal household light bulbs. I
>  note that, on average, an eg. 10 watt CF would replace a traditional 55 
>  household bulb. Similarly, a 20 watt CF would replace a standard 100 watt
>  household bulb.

I have two 26-watt versions in a 20" incandescent hood.  No modification 
needed, except to improve the reflectivity of the black plastic.  I went with 
aluminum foil.  The color is pretty yellow, but the plants in the 10-gallon 
tank put off a stream of bubbles at the rate of about two fine bubbles per 
second, without CO2 injection.  I don't know if this constitutes pearling, 
but the plants are doing good.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator