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Tom Barr writes:

<snip>> There are many variables
>  such as flow rates, sand sizes and depth to consider but I never had much
>  problems with 50gallons/hr/sqft with 4-5inches of 2-3mm sand.
>  I added Kitty litter with good results about 2-3 years ago using this
>  method.
>   I know you like cichlids too and are a DIYer so this might be fun for you.
>  Beginners have had good results with this method too. I like simple though.
>  I've done all the techy stuff and all already. RFUG's have their uses too.
>  FWIW, 

In your previous post you mentioned adding stuff to the "down tube", then 
replacing the pump.  FWIW, you might want to look at the Air-powered idea on 
the krib at http://www.thekrib.com/Filters/rugf-dixon.html
Using this, you could easily add PMDD or whatever else at the point where the 
air escapes, and it would deliver it to the substrate without a lot of work.  
The system can be built with only two tubes if you don't mind drawing the 
water in from close to the bottom.  I had some incidental fractionation that 
smeared DOCs all over the wall, so you might want to build a small collector 
cup of some sort.  Flow rates can be acjusted by increasing the air flow.  
Increasing the height that the air lifts the "head" will increase the flow 
rate.  There's probably a diminishing return on this, though.

By pumping the PMDD down through the filter, some of it should find CE sites 
and attach itself for root uptake.  This will "recharge" the substrate and 
still allow some to also go into the column.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator