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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1333

Hi Tom
> A good picture is in Rataj/horemanni Aquarium Plants pg 15 for an old
> picture of what this looks like...
   Sorry but if you could give me more details about the Rataj book, I'd
look it up in the library if available.  If not, is there a URL to that
'old picture'?

> ... The rest of your area is reduction zones. Check out
> Tunze's Bio-irragators for some Theory if you wish. I found it after I
> stumbled upon this RFUG quite by luck.
I was at (http://www.tunze.com/eng/index.htm) but there's no link to the
'Bio-irragators'.  Where did you find it again?

> I think the best thing that can be said about RFUG's for plant tanks that
> make them any better than another is: They allow for higher fish loads than
> other methods I've played with.
My fish load is a aqua-planter's nightmare but balancing high fish load
without excessive algae is quite a challenge.

> Forget about the RFUG for this big tank. Works better on smaller
> tanks with high fish loads.
Isn't a big tank similar to a smaller one, if fishload is relative,
considering that it works in a pond.  But thanks for the help again...
these notes will be on my drawing board.