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Re: Aponogeton plantlets

Hi Jason,

> So, if it won't produce plantlets when submerged, then what should I
> do with the flower stalk?  I am thinking about cutting it off - any
> suggestions?
   I posted a similar question (on A.crispus propagation) to this list a
long while back and after getting no response, I decided to experiment
on my own.
   Specific to the A.crispus, flowers do form from the stalk but not
plantlets.  Using a soft brush will pollinate the flowers and later,
seed-pods will appear.  I let these pods mature and then submerge,
without cutting off the stalk yet.
   While the pods soak, the seeds within will geminate and sprout
roots.  When the pods 'pop' open, these little rooted-plantets (still
with seed attached, like a fry's egg-sac) will drop off.  These
plantlets didn't survive my attempt to grow them in a little film
canister but did thrive for those which I planted in the gravel. 
Subsequent plantlets are however, much smaller than the mother plant.
   I'm not sure which Aponogeton specie you're attempting but I hope
this helps.  Take a look at the following site for pics;