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Re: Simple PMDD recipe

"Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net>

> Ok, I have some potassium nitrate, epsom salts and
> a 2% chelated Fe solution.

I would get some KSO4 in additon to those.

> How much of each do I mix together?

the ratio of potassium to nitrogen is too low. You need to add more
potassium (usually). The amounts are quite arbitrary. Avoid large
changes in salinity for the safety of your fish but here are some

N as NO3 2-5 ppm (or use substrate N)
K as K 2-50 ppm
Ca as Ca 5-50 ppm
Mg as Mg 3-30 ppm (keep it lower than the Ca)
S  as S 2-50 ppm
Fe as Fe 0.01-0.1 ppm (or use substrate Fe)
P as P 0.1 - 0.5 ppm (or use substrate P)
micronutrients 0.0001 - 0.03 ppm (many are not soluble except as
chelates, substrate clay is a good source for micronutrients)
If you have a trace nutrient supplement, you can USUALLY calculate an
appropriate dose by calculating the dose to achieve 0.01 to 0.1 ppm of

> I realize this is not the full blown recipe but I
> don't care. It's better than nothing.
> What would the doage in drops per gallons be ?

You have to do the math or follow someone's recipe. See my web page for
a recipe.

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