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Re: Chinese Alage Eaters

Robert writes:

> Is this much difference between the Chinese Alage Eaters and the Siamese
>  Alage Eaters?

Chenese algae eaters and Siamese Algae eaters are not even closely related.  
Chinese algae eaters will only eat algae until they are about 40 mm long.  
After that they become carniverous and are not beyond chewing the fins off 
sleeping fish at night.   Siamese algae eaters will eat flake food and tiny 
live foods, but they graze on algae all day between feedings.  They don't 
attack fish, although there have been a few reports on this list lately that 
they will, on rare occasion take a liking to the fins of angels.  Only 
angels, and not every angel in the tank.  Right now I have eight veil angels 
in a tank with four SAEs and no problems.  I still think the best photos of 
SAEs on the web are on Dave Gomberg's site at 
You can see the transparent fins, the lateral line all the way through the 
caudal fin, the shape, the color, and the way they school.  Dave for some 
reason always refers folks somewhere else, in spite of his own excellent 
photos.  Humility maybe.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator