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Re:surface extractor

>Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 06:53:29 +0800
>From: Alfred Heng <alheng at pacific_net.sg>
>Subject: Re:surface extractor
>I use a Wasseroberflachenabzug or Taunus (it's German and I think that that
>is the name!!!! ) surface extractor that is self adjusting to cope with
>varying water levels.  It gurgles,  but I have never had a fish sucked
>thru.  It has a sliding two piece tube design and the top tube has a grate
>and a ring to trap air to keep it floating.  As the level drops, the top
>tube just slides further into the bottom tube.  Has about 4" of travel and
>that should take care of varying water levels between water changes/top
>ups.  Blue and white box, but cost 2 right arms and half a  leg!
>At 03:48 AM 10/15/99 -0400, you wrote:
> > >From: taylorjc2 at juno_com
> > >Subject: Ehiem surface extractor
> > >
> > >Is anyone using the ehiem surface extractor?  Is it noisy.  Does it
> > >adequately skim the whole surface of the water?  Will it suck up fish?
> >
> >I'm using one, but only for lack of a better alternative.  It is noisy at
> >times (a clanking sound) when the water level is not just right, or there
> >is obstruction to the flow.  It skims the whole surface, but only for a day
> >or so, then leaves and other floating bits of plants would plug it up. I
> >have to clean out the intake tubes every couple of days.
> >
> >Ivo was working on an alternative a while ago.  How is it going Ivo?
> >
> >Hoa

Hi list
	There has been a thread about surface extractors  going on 
for a couple of days and I wanted to point to my site for anyone 
interested in building one of these units. The one I made is very 
easy and although I didn't know it at the time is based on the one 
that is described above. I must say that I didn't even know that the 
item described above even existed and this thing I made was created 
from my imagination. I created a page with directions and pics at 
http://www.vaxxine.com/martinhouse . There are only 3 things that are 
necessary to make this Fiddleless Surface Skimmer. A gravel vacuum, a 
piece of 1.5" pipe and a piece of styrofoam. That's it. Mine has been 
going for 2 months now and other than cleaning out the loose algae 
that gets trapped it is truly fiddleless. Any comments are 

Wayne Martin
wamart at vaxxine_com