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Natural Sunlight and Jungle Val

I have a 55 gal with 2-40 watt Ultra Trilux bulbs sitting in a large
sunny window, with Eastern exposure in TN.  How does the sunlight
compare to watts, does anyone have any idea??

The Jungle val blades that were 1/2" wide and green in another tank that
does not get sunlight are now over 1" wide and pinkish/reddish and more
marbled in this tank.  Of course the 55 gal  has 35 lbs of flourite
(mixed with gravel) in it, which may account for some of the growth,
whereas the other tank may have 5 lbs (so far).  What would account for
the improvement in growth, the additional light, the flourite, or both??

Karen Kyker
Gray, TN