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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1330

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<< Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 09:40:29 -0700
 From: Ron Bednar <ron at dahothouse_com>
 Subject: Fresh Water Reef
  There has been some discussion on this list regarding fresh water reefs and 
terrestrial plants as filters. I have decided to setup a 10gal test prior to 
a 40gal main tank later on. I am thinking of using Spathphyllums as the 
filter plant in the outside container and have found a sm
 grained fired clay product used for growing hydroponic orchids to use as the 
medium. My question is the exchange rate to and from the outside container. 
Should the water trickle in and out like a hydroponics system via a lift tube 
arrangement or pour in and out from a powerhead like
 an outside filter? If the latter, can the Spaths tolerate having their roots 
constantly submerged? Or would a bog plant like Marsh Marigolds be a better 
choice as the filter plant. I would think that you would want a plant with a 
fairly high metabolism as the filter plant. Anyone
 have any experience with this? Thanks much.
I too am very interested in creating the freshwater equivalent of a marine 
reef. I use water hyacinths as a biofilter and bonsi'ed cypress and water 
tupelo trees as the equivalent of coral heads. Is anyone else doing this or 
interested in doing it? freshwater inverts are of course a big part of this 
type of aquarium, unfortunately freshwater inverts are difficult to find.