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Re: RE: SAE's Located

Matthew Shaffer wrote;
>So, I am now at a loss.  Is there an error in the Krib article, by chance?
>Do these guys just sometimes go on strike and refuse to work?  Any other
>reason that my observations don't line up?

The krib illustrations by Liisa Sarakontu are perfect, the single best help 
available to SAE-seekers, IMO. Not aware of that at first, I bought two 
very young CAEs that were mislabelled as SAEs by the LFS. Of course, I was 
eventually forced to dispose of them when they outgrew everything in the 
tank and became mean. Then I made hard copies of the pictures end went 
SAE-searching. It was surprisingly easy to spot all the three types (CAE, 
false SAE and true SAE) mixed in several tanks at the LFS, all mislabelled 
with names such as Thai Algae Eaters and flying foxes. And note, the 
specimens were all very young, less than 1" long. Just look very closely 
and you can easily spot the differences. I bet your LFS salesperson is 
mistaken. Btw, the two (true) SAEs I got have been since then very busy 
cleaning algae and also very peaceful, actually being constantly chased 
by my (similarly looking and higly territorial) penguin tetras.

Thanks, Liisa.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD