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re: Plants arent Growing

Jason Miller Wrote:

A few months ago, I moved my twenty gallon planted fish tank to the
basement. I didn't have time to fuss with getting the DIY CO2 set up
again so I left it until about a month ago.

Did you have your tank by a sunny window?  Natural sunlight is the
perfect growing light, bar none.  I don'r think the jump from 40 to 84
watts would make up for the defecit.  I live in a basement apartmenr and
it is like pulling teeth to get my red Cryptocryne to grow, let alone
apopngeton or penny wort!  My algae is completely controlled by two SAEs
in a 55 gallon tank!  I am running 80 watts provided by ge chroma 50's.
Maybe I'll have better luck with four tubes!