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Plant Reccomendations

Hey, All,

I'm still trying to get my 100 gallon aquascaped the way I like it, but I'm
running into problems with plant selection.  I need to find an unusual stem
plant that will go well with Rotala Indica (which in my tank is bright red
at the top), and be a reasonably good grower without getting leggy.  I'm
also looking for a nice ground cover for the foreground, and am looking
seriously at some of the crypt species, but I'm having a hard time finding
one that will stay green in my tank.  Most of the ones I have currently grow
brown or red leaves, I think because of the high light levels.  Tank specs
are: 100 gallons, 280-320w of fluorescent (depends on my mood and if I am
currently running my auxiliary lighting, CO2 at 15ppm, pH: 6.8, KH: 4-5
degrees (not sure what this is in ppm, I use a Sera test kit), small
gravel/Duplagrit substrate, with a little Flourite in it from a previous
tank.  I'd be interested in buying plants from people if anyone has
something interesting they've got spare.  Other plants I'd be interested in
buying from people are anubias barteri, cyperus helferi, crypocorynes
balanse (Steve Pushak?) and parvae.

Justin Collins