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Thomas Barr wrote:

> Gee, my Swords and Crypts do just fine without* any sticks added or any
> other stuff* in the gravel. I flowered C. var blassii in plain gravel + TMG
> and K+ and fish waste not long ago. Did the same for C. parva &beckettii
> .............with an UG filter too ( It was a reverse UG BTW). My beckettii
> regularly flowers submersed in these tanks. Either they are very happy or
> very confused plants.
If I understand you correctly, the C.parva & bekettii are also in the
same plain gravel setup with the flowering C.blassii, and using RUGF...
yes?  I'm contemplating the idea of a nutrient manifold following the
idea from David Webb at;

It would be logical if a slow flow from the fertilized water column (as
in a reduced RUGF or from a 'T' from the canister's output) could be
channeled to the sub-substrate manifold allowing nutrient absorption
from both roots and foliage.  That way, it does away with substrate
additives/fertilizers and the worry of them leaching excess nutrients
into and over-fertlizing the water column.  Any comments?

> Flourite gives the best of both worlds IMO. Simple, one shot homogenous
> substrate that grows Crypts and Swords extremely well and if you forget to
> fertilize the water column( who doesn't?) the plants don't suffer hardly at
> all from what I've observed so far................
I don't suppose you're running a RUGF in this 10g tank... are you?