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RE:Red marble val

>P.S. My Red Marble Val is now both red and marbled. Man
>those are slow plants to kick in. 6 months of whiney
>spindly green leaves, then boom 3/4" wide and RED.
>One of my all time favorite plants.

Me too! One of the best vals for a many species tank. If you've had trouble
with vals in the past try this one. Prolific runners and good lighting
tolerances(low or high). Mine get very long(4-5feet in lenght) but new
runners are kept and the long ones are sold off. If you get one that's been
grown in a happy tank there is no 6 month break-in period. I think everyone
can truly  appreciate the leaves on this plant. It is stunning. Just because
they get tall, it doesn't mean you can have them BTW if you have shallow
tanks. They make nice cover on the top surface and only put out a few leaves
instead of so many that it smothers the surface. Good red plant also.
Tom Barr