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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1326

MB wrote:
>>It is my understanding that aquatic plants DO NOT absorb nutrients through 
>>their roots, that the roots are only for anchoring and that the vast bulk of 
>>nutrient intake is in the plant above the roots. Anyone care to comment?
Dave wrote in response:
>Sure, the above assumptions are incorrect.

What about Hornwart or Riccia or Najas, or? There are exceptions to every
rule with plants.
This causes confusion many times. Generally, I agree but plants(most
aquatics we keep) do both(roots and water column) as Roger Miller stated.
The ability for a plant to switch to roots or/and water column to obtain
nutrients is an interesting adaptation of amphibious plants. The bulk of the
commonly kept aquatic plants are amphibious so they have to get there macro
and traces from the soil when not submersed. They also have highly evolved
air transport systems that give the plant buoyancy when submersed. Neat, eh?
Tom Barr