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Re: rich substrates continued

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Tom Barr wrote:

> Point is:
> Both methods work well and a mix of both works well too. Some things in your
> own system of doing things and maintaining might work well for you but
> another's won't.

I agree.  There's more than one good way to do the job, though I think for
a beginner it might be best to pick one or the other, rather than trying
to walk a tightrope in between.  The choice is a matter of how you want to
maintain the tank.

> Both might work well, but laterite is not a requirement for
> an established tank nor adding it to the substrate after a tank is set up
> something I could see saying "yeah, do this .......". Buying the balls or
> pellets can be done but why do this if water column fertilization works too?

Actually, I wouldn't add the laterite balls or pellets either.  They're
unnecessary in either fertilizer regime.  In a new tank they can be added
without much problem, but in an already set up tank you may be better off
without messing things up to add laterite or clay.  There's other ways to
get what's needed to the plant roots.

Roger Miller