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Subject: anchor worm and clout ...don't do it

> From: klaus.schoening at jungle_org
> Subject: anchor worm and clout ...don't do it
> A number of aquarists have had poor to disastrous results using clout to
> treat anchorworm.  The results range from no effect at all to the sudden
> death of the fish within hours of treatment.  If you know a vet then you
> can use a pill called Program that will cure anchorworm.  The treatment
> is one large dog Program pill per 1000 gallons of water.  The best way
> to treat small tanks is the divide the pill after it has been crushed
> into a fine powder and then scoring it into smaller approximately
> equally sized lots.  For instance if subdivided into tenths then you
> can treat 100 gallons. The Program interferes with the chitin making
> ability of the anchorworm.  As anchorworm is actually a crustacean their
> shell is made of chitin.  Only a single treatment is required and the
> anchorwoms die within 3 to 4 days.  For a more definitive review go
> to------> http://www.koivet.com/program.htm/  .  Program does not harm
> your nitrogen cycle or the plants either.  Clout is nasty stuff, I stay
> away from all the organic phosphenes if I can at all help it.

    Very nice research on the possiblities of using Program to combat anchor
worms. Reading the Koivet page and doing a little extra research raised a
few questions and ideas that i would like to throw out for the group to
comment on. First of all is the idea of adding the powder to a food base
instead of directly to the water. This might yeild better results as the
solubility of Program in water is questionable. Any Fish physiolohgists out
there that can suggest wheter the active ingreiient would make it into the
fish's system?
    Given the fact that Program is a gyrase and inhibits chitin synthesis
and polymerization has anyone thought about its possible effectivness
agianst fungal infections? A large protion of fungi also produces and
utilize chitin, however, im not alltogether positive if they all do or
whether or not it is a function of macro fungi and not micro. Do we have any
mycologists out there? Wait the mayor of my town is, and what do you know he
is also a professor. I'll ask him about this tomorow. This also makes me
reavaluate the possible importance of adding Program to the food rather than
directly to the water column  _ especially _in _planted_ aquaiums. I'm
concerned about this as the active ingredient in Program is persistent and
and if able to effect fungi might cuase problems with beneficial fungi(ie do
any of our plant roots contain mutualisitic fungi?).
    Sorry if i opened up a whole new can of worms, but i question