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Vitamins in place of PMDD

I have never used PMDD or other supplements in my tank except jobe
sticks, but after adding CO2 at very high levels I started to get high
plant growth with discoloration (white/yellow)  at the tips.  I figured
trace element deficiency, sooo..... I added a high potency multi
vitamin, multi mineral tablet (Centrum A to Zinc to be exact) once a
week to the filter.

After three weeks, everythings looking real good - the fish are frisky
and well colored and the new plant growth appears darker and more
profuse.  My dosing rate is one tablet for 135 gallons per week.  The
vitamin tablets have 18 mg of ferrous formanate, 125 mg of dibasic
phosphate, 40 mg of potasium  plus an assortment of trace elements.  The
only one that causes me real concern is copper which is 2 mg, since
certain plants are copper intolerant. Have I stumbled on the good
alternative to  PMDD?  Anyone see anything wrong with this?

BTW, I do weekly 25 or 50% water changes so the minerals don't
accumulate dramatically.  Also, the white may have been due to very low
nitrate levels in the water - I usually run less than 5 ppm except when
the biofilter is plugged.