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Most of us are very concerned with what goes into our tanks.
Personally, i think my fish live in cleaner water than i drink at the
faucet.  The question of pesticides is of concern to those who don't
take time to inform themselves from KNOWLEDGABLE sources.  A newspaper
reporter can write whatever HE THINKS is true based upon a study of
sources that support his point.  (to sell newspapers)   boring stories
about things that really won't affect the average Joe, don't sell

So, would you ask the best chef in the city to fix your car?  No.  He
may be able to do up a prime rib to die for, but probably knows squat
about cam lobe separation.

My point is,  ask someone who knows.  Yes, there are some very dangerous
chemicals that have been dubbed pesticides.  DDT is very deadly.  To
insects.  It won't hurt a fish or human though.  My father got a large
dose of DDT thirty years ago. He still enjoys flying and rough-housing
with his grandkid.

Our local agri-chemical applicators would be the ones to ask about
pesticides.  They work with pesticides every day.  Their lives depend on
knowing the facts.

2-4-D (2-4-diphenyloxyacetic acid) is a very effective pesticde or, more
specifically, broadleaf herbicide.  It is actually a plant growth
hormone.  that doesn't sound as dangerous as Jane Fonda would have us

So, all you people who seek the truth about pesticides, find out what
DI-PEL is and report back so I know