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Hi all,

First, much thanks to Cynthia for the help....

I am new to planted tanks, and have been hiding in the corner of the list
listening to everything said.  My problem is, I had already setup my tank
before I joined the list and I had no idea how important a rich substrate
is.  Right now Ive got just plain washed aquarium gravel.  The tank is a
50Gal, 140W (SHOLight) of light on for about 12 hours a day, 1 large
Echinodorus bleheri, a large group of Green Hygro, and large group of
Rotala, 3 dwarf lilly bulbs that have just started growing, and a small
group of Cardamine lyrata.  There are also 3 small plants that I am not sure
about, but they look like Crypt Wenditti (sp?).  For fish I have 2 golden
algae eaters, 8 neon tetras, 8 rummy nose tetras, 2 clown loaches, and just
acquired 2 SAE's last night at the LFS.  I bought a pH tester last night as
well and found out my pH is up in the 8's range, so I started injecting CO2
using the DIY yeast method...should bring the pH down.  I do a 30 - 40 %
water change every week.  I had a problem with a nasty brown algae on my
driftwood, but the golden's took care of that.  Now I have a nasty looking
hair type algae growing on the sword only (which I thought was
strange....why only on the sword?) granted it's only been one night but the
SAE's won't even look twice at this stuff.  Both my Rotala, and my Hygro are
turning a yellow/reddish color.  Tropicia said that with Rotala in
unfavorable conditions would turn a lighter color.  With every water change
I add some LeafZone fertilizer.  Is there any way that I can get some kind
of laterate underneath my gravel without having to uproot the entire tank?
Or do you think the lack of green is attributed to the high pH and lack of

Thanks for all your help and advice,
Kevin M.
Phoenix, AZ
brnhornt at ix_netcom.com