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aerating at night

   You may want to consider adding a refugium to your tank with plants.
While the main tank is dark (at night) you can light the refugium as
long as you exchange water between the two tanks, you should be able
to maintain a more even distribution of O2 in your tank.  You would
need to have some way of pumping water into the refugium and then
returning it to the main tank without the light spilling into the main
tank. So the light cycle on the refugium is exactly the opposite of the
main tank, and there is no continuous O2 depletion.  

-> I use air-pump at night. SOme time ago I've noticed that fishes (even
-> pl*cos which practically never shows from their hiding places) stays 
-> near surface. I even lost couple SAE (somebody mentioned they are 
-> very "weak" guys and can't stand for low-oxigen conditions). I have a 
-> jungles in my tank, so I decided to turn air-pump on. Now I use 
-> timer...every time I clean the tank I promise myself to install 
-> photo-relay (or just a simple relay) to turn pump on and off.
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