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RE: Aerating the tank at night and CO2 Levels

>Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 10:47:36 +0100
>From: "Knight, Richard" <rjknight at meto_gov.uk>
>Subject: RE: Aerating the tank at night and CO2 Levels
>I have a high (for planted tank) fish stock and had problems overnight with
>O2 levels and for a time resorted to an airstone overnight to cure these


>My filterless tank has been running for about 8 weeks now and test kits show
>zero ammonia, nitrite and nitrates and my fish and plants are doing well, if
>you have a tank full of plants let them do the work, why bother with a
>>Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 23:36:00 EDT
>>From: Katana98 at aol_com
>>Subject: Aerating the tank at night and CO2 Levels.
>>Does anyone run air stone at night?  Does it work?

I use air-pump at night. SOme time ago I've noticed that fishes (even
pl*cos which practically never shows from their hiding places) stays near
surface. I even lost couple SAE (somebody mentioned they are very "weak"
guys and can't stand for low-oxigen conditions). I have a jungles in my
tank, so I decided to turn air-pump on. Now I use timer...every time I
clean the tank I promise myself to install photo-relay (or just a simple
relay) to turn pump on and off.

Also, I don't use CFGI outlet for air-pump and filter. Sometimes GFCI
pops-up due to current spikes. All heavy equipment (lamps, UV-filter, etc)
sit on GFCI, but vital devices not. Next step would be installing battery
operated air-pump (it's winter soon, winter storms, etc....my fishes costs
more than $10  battery pump...don't forget about Y2K..or call your
insurance agent - would they cover fishes or not. Mine asked me for fish
photos, so I'm thinking about scanning couple pictures of top-$$$$
discus:))). I'm gonna use relay too, to operate this pump.  it would be
nice to have UPS for heater back-up, but it can be costly. Or you can buy
it Dec 25 at CompUSA and bring back on Jan 5.  

Also, I'm against of using propane heater. All of you know about recent
explosions in Moscow. One was caused not by alleged Chechen terrorists, but
by propane tank explosion (few apartments were destroyed) - one guy used
propane heater for his fish tanks. Unfortunately, he lost everything,
including his wife, who died from injuries :((
Nobody knows why (propane is cheaper then electrycity, but why he did
prefer to use it instead stealing electricity like most of
heavy-electricity users in Russia) or how he done it. Now he's explaining
it to police investigator.

Mike, who desings weird optics around weird Fusion lamp.