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Re: Filters and O2 levels

on 01:48 PM 10/7/99 , Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

 >I have a high (for planted tank) fish stock and had problems overnight with
 >O2 levels and for a time resorted to an airstone overnight to cure these
 >problems. Now however after dumping my filter and airpump I have no problems
 >at night. I just use a small powerhead to drive my CO2 reactor and for
 >circulation, no surface agitation. Filter bacteria are probably the largest
 >consumers of O2 in the aquarium and remove ammonia which plants can easily
 >use and as a by-product produce nitrate which is not so helpful to plants.
 >My filterless tank has been running for about 8 weeks now and test kits show
 >zero ammonia, nitrite and nitrates and my fish and plants are doing well, if
 >you have a tank full of plants let them do the work, why bother with a

In all this talk about oxygen levels before, I completely forgot about the 
nitrifying bacteria. This is probably an issue in my tank, since I have 
some biomedia in my Fluval filter. This was extremely helpful when I was 
starting with the tank, but probably is doing more harm than good now...

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