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Question on CO2, aeration, fish load, and water...

Hi folks,

Just getting back into the hobby after a 4 year hiatus and have a few
questions regarding my 30G planted tank.  The setup consists of 30G glass
tank, 75% Flourite, 80 watts of Grow-Lux, Triton, and Power-Glow, 150W
Ebo-Jaeger, one of those new Fluval 104's with spray bar in the back, and
cylinder CO2 bubbling out through a bubbling airstone (tiny bubbles).  Fish
load is on the high side with 6 diamond tetras, 5 red/black (cyclone?)
tetras, 2 dwarf gouramis, 2 small angels, and 2 oto cats.   Plantwise,
there's a %50 plant cover (tropic sunset hygro, dwarf sag, water wisteria,
oriental water fers, small amazon sword, and few others I can't remember).

Here are the questions:

I'm a bit concerned about oxygen supply to the fish.  Should I be?  With the
CO2 being injected pretty much constantly into the tank, I'm getting a PH
between 6.0 and 6.5 with a few bubbles on the plants here and there.  There
is also a little surface aggitation from the spray bar.  I don't really see
fish gasping for air at the surface... yet.

With the high fish population and the tank having been setup for only a week
or so, I'm a bit worried about ammonia content.  But for the life of me, I
can't figure out the seachem test kit.  It's got these round "sensors" that
you place in a water sample.  But what are you supposed to compare against
their chart?  The sensor or the water you placed the sensor in?  Either way,
I get no reading, so I'm assuming I'm doing okay so far.

Can someone from the Washington DC area tell me about the water here?  The
only thing I got out of the LFG was that the pH is in the high 7's.
Specifically, I live in Bethesda, MD.

Lastly, with Flourite as gravel, what fertelizer should I use for my plants
to ensure balanced macro and micro nutrients.  (preventing algea)  I have
the Seachem Flourish, but haven't used it yet.  Any opinions?

Thanks and cheers.