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Re: Amano shrimp, air/tank CO2, etc.

Thank you all for the great advice.  I think I'll get a couple of
yamato shrimp to start with.  I'll also do a partial water change - the
tank is due anyway.  This time I won't add any buffer and I'll adjust
the CO2 to the pH I desire (6.5 - 6.8).
  Michael's hypothesis about air/tank CO2 eq'b sounds more probable than
mine.  It makes sense that with a higher O2 concentration in the water,
the plants will pearl that much quicker.
  I can't remove all of the fish, but I can move some.  This should also
help keep CO2 levels lower - less respiration at night (of course fish
respire during the day too, but CO2 levels at night are what I'm worried

Thanks for the advice

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB