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Feeding the crew

> Ed Street wrote:
> Uhm I have about 20ish yamato shrimp in my 20g tank. I have also put 1.5
> lbs of pure hair algae in there, only to last less than 1 week! (there's
> sae's also in this tank as well)
> Yamato's are fun, kewl, easy to love, easy to care for but I still
> recomend you get perfect conditions for them and please! please! please!
> feed these cute critters!!  If you don't the yamato monster will come
> after you.

After a long hard-won battle my tank finally overcame lots of different
kinds of algae.  You can imagine my surprise last week when I lost a couple
of Otocinclus that I've had for several months.  I thought at the time that
they might have starved (I've since learned it's not uncommon to lose Otos
occasionally), so I cut a 3" piece of zuccini in half lengthwise, parboiled
it, and placed it in the tank. The scavengers (Ramshorn snails and a
half-dozen each of SAEs, Otos, C. japonica shrimp) all went NUTS, and even
my Pearl Guoramis liked it.  The zuccini disappeared completely in 36 hours!

michael rubin 
mrubin at visa_com