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The Plant Systematics (Photo Atlas) Collection:

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Botany


"The Plant Systematics (Photo Atlas) Collection:
There are  3,282 images in this collection representing over 
250 families and 850 genera of vascular plants from around 
the world. The images in this set are hierarchically 
arranged by taxonomic association." - Mike Clayton (editor)

I found images of Isoetes, Marsilea and Salvinia but could not locate
many of our other common aquatic vascular plants. More must be in there
but I didn't have time to search all the directories. There is a search
engine at the root of the URL I mentioned above, that might help. There
is also an HTTP URL for the university that worked but I couldn't find
if they'd migrated the Gopher resources to HTML. Note that the Gopher
stuff disappears December 1999. Anybody know if the plant image database
is being converted to HTML and if so what the URL is? I've CC'd Mike
Clayton, the editor of the gopher resources so perhaps he'll let us know
the status of this.
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