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Re: Cherry and Gold Barbs

Michael Moncur wrote:

> I have three rosy barbs in my 29G tank, which do a decent job of keeping
> hair algae under control. I'd like a similar fish for my 15G tank, but a
> decent-sized school of rosy barbs would crowd this tank, and I have other
> fish I'd like to include.
> I was wondering if Cherry barbs or Gold barbs would be acceptable 
> substitutes for this tank, Cherry in particular since they're the
> smallest. Do these eat much algae? Do they behave like rosy barbs (active
> but not agressive) or like tiger barbs (agressive)? What is a good size
> school, and are the redder ones the males as I suspect?

I have 4 cherry barbs in a 40 g tank. They do eat hair algae but I 
don't think they will control it. It took SAE's to do that (I know, I 
know, you can't find them, but there are mail order sources on the 
net). Cherry barbs are not at all aggressive, and yes, the redder 
ones are males. They don't really school together, preferring to 
spread out in the tank and do their own thing. Beautiful little fish, 
and I highly recommend them, but not for algae control. 
Cathy Hartland