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Cherry barbs and Gold barbs

I have three rosy barbs in my 29G tank, which do a decent job of keeping 
hair algae under control. I'd like a similar fish for my 15G tank, but a 
decent-sized school of rosy barbs would crowd this tank, and I have other 
fish I'd like to include.

I was wondering if Cherry barbs or Gold barbs would be acceptable 
substitutes for this tank, Cherry in particular since they're the smallest. 
Do these eat much algae? Do they behave like rosy barbs (active but not 
agressive) or like tiger barbs (agressive)? What is a good size school, and 
are the redder ones the males as I suspect?

The tank is currently starting out with some Otos and lots of plants. I 
plan to add small schools of neons, zebra danios and harlequins eventually. 
No terribly fragile fish.

Thanks for any info. And don't tell me to get SAEs, I know they're 
wonderful. They simply don't exist around here (Utah). Heck, I just drove 
to eight different stores before I finally found some Otocinclus... and I 
really hate it when Petco is the only store that has what I want.

michael moncur   mgm at starlingtech_com   http://www.starlingtech.com/
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