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Re: Amano Shrimp


>Now that I have my tank back in control, at the expense of my two
>flagfish, I was wondering about buying some Amano shrimp.  Will they
>still eat algae if there is other food around?  I have some young fish

My yamato shrimp eats everything in sight including some of the plants,
stuuf on my fingers, stuff on snails, stuff on the drift wood, stuff on
the roots of plants, flakes, and the various algaes I feed them with.

>in the tank that find food everywhere - they pick out small particle
>form the sand.

If you introduce yamato's i'll guarantee they'll scrap with the fish for
the right to pick at the sand ;)

>  The problem was a very high CO2 concentration, but I have fixed it for
>the time being.  The plants liked it, but unfortunately, so did the hair
>algae.  Are Amano shrimp good at getting rid of hair algae?

Uhm I have about 20ish yamato shrimp in my 20g tank. I have also put 1.5
lbs of pure hair algae in there, only to last less than 1 week! (there's
sae's also in this tank as well)


p.s.  Yamato's are fun, kewl, easy to love, easy to care for but I still
recomend you get perfect conditions for them and please! please! please!
feed these cute critters!!  If you don't the yamato monster will come
after you.