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air/tank CO2 eq'b

To fix my super high CO2 problem I am heavily aerating the tank, thus
diving off CO2, right?  However, the plants are bubbling away.  At first
I thought it was just stray bubbles from the airstone or powerhead, but
no - the plants are actually pearling.
  My educated guess would be that the CO2 was probably driven off pretty
quickly, and now instead of CO2 escaping the water, it is now dissolving
into the water to create equilibrium with the partial pressure of CO2 in
the air.
  What I mean is that when we aerate the, we create surface agitation. 
This agitation allows for faster gas exchange between the air and water.
When I started the aeration, pCO2 was higher in the water than it was in
the air.  This kicked the dissolution of CO2 from the water into high.

i.e.  CO2 water -(fast)--> CO2 air

  Therefore in a short time pCO2 in the water will be less than pCO2 in
the air.  Furthermore, the plants are using CO2, creating a larger
gradient between air and water.
  Now I believe that CO2 is dissolving into the water, from the air, and
feeding the needs of the plants.  
  So ... what I would like to know is:  Should I just keep up this heavy
aeration instead of hooking my CO2 back up?  Will this supply my plants
with ample CO2.  I believe it will work, but I have no experience, which
is why I'm asking the question.  Has anyone tried it?

Sorry for the long-windedness of this post.

Thanks for your patience

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB