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re: Arizona Aquatics Gardens Scissors

We are very happy with ours, but haven't much to compare them to. 
They are 9 in. long, generally good enough to reach most of our 
72 x 18 x 24h acrylic tank (i.e. with modest top access).
The curve is just enough so that you can reach down more or less 
parallel to a leaf stalk and snip it off without turning your 
wrist too much. They're made in Pakistan, have a  smooth action, 
and taper to a small point that is slightly rounded so you won't
stick yourself. The two finger holes are the same size, one finger
each, and afford good control. It's certainly sharp enough  for all
our in-tank plant needs. I would judge them to be precision made.

Jared -- snip along dotted line <grin>